Barrel Tumbling
Electro-less Nickel Plating

MCE offers a range of surface finishing and Electroless Nickel services that can benefit companies in a wide range of industries.
Our job processing methods are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize waste while adhering to our high quality standards. We also take steps to ensure our processes meet and exceed today’s stringent environmental standards.

Barrel Tumbling

Barrel finishing, also known as barrel tumbling, is a mass finishing process for metals that enables large numbers of parts to be treated at the same time. A barrel finishing process can be used for purposes such as burnishing, edge breaking, cleaning, polishing, descaling and brightening. The metal parts and various media and compounds are placed inside a specially designed barrel, which is then rotated at a predetermined speed to create a tumbling action. The combination of the friction created by the parts rubbing against each other and the materials produces the desired outcome.

Electro-less Nickel Plating

The main advantage of electro-less nickel plating over other electrolytic plating processes is uniformity of thickness of plating deposit.
EN plating is a process that is independent of electric current, which is why this process doesn’t depend from the throwing power of plating solution. The result is uniformity in thickness of plating deposit along the entire surface of the element, independent of element’s shape. This is the main advantage of EN plating.
Other important advantages of EN plating over other types of plating processes are excellent corrosion resistance, solderability, increased hardness and exceptional wear resistance. Generally, these and other qualities give big advantage to EN plating vs. other types of plating, and thus the name “Engineered Plating” for EN plating is justified.
We are equipped to meet the EN plating demands for very small to very large elements with variety of shapes.

Electroplating Services With a Focus on Protecting the Environment

Protecting and preserving the environment is a concern in all types of industrial and manufacturing operations these days, and metal finishing is no exception. MCE continually reviews environmental issues with a goal of constant improvement and minimization or elimination of waste to adhere to environmentally friendly standards. Our industrial plating company has instituted various programs, such as source reduction and water reuse, for over 10 years. Housekeeping of the plant, as well as the plating solutions, is an ongoing program that demands its own respective goals and objectives.

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