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The ESS-48V50-R1 is designed to be a direct drop-in replacement of a legacy lead acid solution in any deployment scenarios especially for deep cycle off-grid locations.

The product can be connected in parallel on 51.2VDC or in series to higher voltages (unless with MCE external Master Battery Management System) to form a microgrid.

1 Connection Matrix 16S1P
2 Rated Capacity
Typical 52Ah
Minimum 50Ah
Standard discharge after Standard charge(Pack level)
3 Factory Voltage 51.2V Mean Operation Voltage
4 Voltage at end of
44V Discharge Cut-off Voltage
5 Charging Method Constant Current/Constant Voltage CC/CV
6 Charging Voltage 58.4V
7 Standard charge
Constant current 20A
Constant Voltage see No.5
0.02CA cut-off
Charge time: Approx. 2.8 h
8 Standard discharge
Constant current: 10A
end voltage see NO.4
9 Maximum Continuous Charge Current 50A
10 Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 50A
11 Maximum Pluse Discharge Current 150A±10A Delay time: ≤100ms
12 Short Protection current 350±10A Delay time:
13 Short Protection condition Load short Release condition: Charging release
14 Operation Temperature Range Charge: 0~45℃ 60±25%R.H.
Bare Cell
15 Storage Temperature Range
Discharge: -20~55℃
Less than 12 months: -10~35℃
less than 3 months: -10~45℃
Less than 7 day: -20~65℃
16 Dimensions 525*270*220mm Includes enclosure
17 Weight 23.15Kg approx. Includes enclosure

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