Quality Certifications

Inspiring the confidence of customers and staff, breaking down barriers between departments, and reaching defined business objectives – all of these goals are achievable through the implementation of a dynamic and robust Quality Management System.

MCE is proud to announce to all our customers that with our commitment to product quality, it has led to us being awarded ISO 9001:2008 & TS 16949 certification – the highest quality stamped product possible that one can attain.

MCE customers expect high quality standards – and we know full well the importance unparalleled quality can have on our reputation. As a result, we are completely committed to providing quality products and services to all our customers, regardless of industry.

All our materials are of the highest standards and quality, and all these eliminates the risk of contract failure. Vertical integration within the company enables us to have complete control of the process – from the initial design of press tools to the manufacture of sub-assemblies. As a result, many leading OEM manufacturers entrust MCE with their contract supply.