MCE offers design services and prototyping to serve customers in need of flexible and adaptable manufacturing.

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Precision Stamping

Precision metal stamping improves the speed and accuracy of complex stamping applications of a product in a single or series operations.

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Improves operational processes through increasing capacity and improving efficiency, by deploying a “virtual workforce”.

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Removing materials using cutting tools for getting rid of the unwanted materials from workpiece and converting it into the shape you desire.

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High Mix Low
Volume Production

Our production crew will maintain dedicated professionalism regardless if the volume of product is low, medium or high.

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High Volume Production

We produce parts that are extremely accurate and consistently on time in both low- and high-volume production runs.

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Mechanical Module Assembly

We offer value-added operations to complement to our complete metal fabrication capabilities.

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Full Production Assembly

MCE has a well deserved reputation for quality and care in fitting parts and components together to make products.

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Surface Treatment – Powder Coating

We have a range of industrial coating services to protect metals and extend their working life.

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