Smart Lithium Ion Battery

MCE’s range of smart lithium ion battery solutions in telecom, datacenter, electric vehicles, electric boats and energy storage have created defensible propositions in these verticals.

In particular the BTS-48V100 product lines support networked enabled telecom power cabinets with easy installation and maintenance-free remote monitoring greatly reducing total cost of ownership as opposed to sending a technician into a remote site.

Other remote alarm software can be customized.

1 Chemistry LiFePO4
2 Nominal Voltage -51.2V negative to ground. (Telecom terminal.)
3 Nominal Capacity 100Ah
4 Dimensions 440(L)*660(D)*222.25(H)mm
5 Ingress
Can be customized to higher IP rating for outdoor applications.
6 Weight 38.65Kg approx.
7 Electrical Certifications IEC62619, JET at Cell level
8 Transportation Certification UN38.3 at cell level
9 Life Cycle ≥2,000 @1C 25°C
10 Operating Temperature
0°C to 50°C, Charge
-20°C to 50°C, Discharge
11 Communication CAN2.0B, ASP.NET
12 Max Discharge Current 100A when 50ºC>T≥-10ºC
13 Max Charging Current 52.1A @25ºC
14 Working Voltage Range 42-57 VDC, Mean Operating Voltage
15 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 37.5-42.0VDC, At End of Discharge
16 Mounting Method 19” Rack Mounting

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